Approaching a century of experience, our commitment to quality not only extends beyond using the finest of materials or by employing the most cost effective proven manufacturing methods, but also commitment to even the most minor details.

We understand that this dedication is important in keeping our customers satisfied and we will continue to supply a full line of conventional, orthodox and oversize caskets without compromise.

All lumber is “FAS or better” grade and kiln-dried to 6% – 8% moisture.  It is carefully selected for its clarity, color and grain.

Each color within the broad spectrum of our color line has been carefully selected and tested to meet the time-honored traditional tastes of the industry while also meeting the changing color demands of the millenium.

All finishes, whether they be deep, luster, satin, hand-rubbed, or gloss, have a seven-step finish process that requires a minimum of three intermediate scuffings or filler sandings.

All rubbed are carefully sanded by hand then brought to a full shine with a buffing wheel.

All interiors are carefully tailored so as to please the discriminative familes that we serve.

Finally, no casket leaves without our ten-point final quality control inspection.

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We are certain that you’ll find our product lines the finest in the world.